Investigate Influenza virus with entropic metric measures

What is Rohmetric?

Rohmetric is an initiative whose mission is to investigate and show the evolution of Influenza Virus by means of cutting edge mathematical methods. The workflow consists in applying an analysis developed in academic research to updated sets of (amino acid sequences of) viral strains. We focus specifically to H3N2 and H1N1 families.

Who is behind Rohmetric?

The theory has been developed by a group at the University of Parma in collaboration with a researcher at the University of Zurich.

You are welcome to contact us, we are Riccardo Scalco, Raffaella Burioni and Mario Casartelli.

Do you show the results of only one method?

In future development of Rohmetric we will consider to add further analysis, you are welcome to address us to interesting results in the studies of Influenza virus evolution.

Is Rohmetric founded by an institution?

For the time being, Rohmetric is not founded. Anyway, it will survive until there will be passion and free time.

Where do you fetch the data?

Data comes from the GISAID database, only complete amino acid sequences from all over the world are analyzed.

Can I download the source code of your analysis?

As soon as possible the source code will be published on GitHub.

What libraries do you use to make the plots?

This strongly depends on the plot, and the best way to answer at the question is to inspect the webpage (right click and inspect it).
Credits should go to:

Btw, the website source is on GitHub, fork it!

Why the name 'Rohmetric'?

'Rohmetric' comes from Rohlin Metric, which is the metric measure used to compare the amino acid sequences, and Rohlin was the inventor.